Working Holiday Visas are visas offered by the governments of a number of countries around the world. They are usually for young people aged 18 to 30, although some countries have visas for people up to age 35. The purpose of these visas is to permit young people to have a longer cultural experience in a country by allowing them to work in order to support themselves financially while they travel.

It is not really a work visa; rather it is a visa that allows a young traveller to find short term work in order to stay in a country for a longer period of time. The main reason for visiting the host country should be for travel, not work.

Currently Turkey has Working Holiday Visa arrangements with Australia and New Zealand. Hopefully there will be more such arrangements in the future.



The daily cost of living in New Zealand and Australia is more expensive than in Turkey. You will not become rich while working on this kind of visa. However, you should be able to find work enough to be able to pay for your basic needs.

The information supplied here has been summarised from a number of websites. For detailed information, click the links supplied above. They are the official government websites for Working Holiday Visas in Australia and New Zealand.

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